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The five questions I decided to ask myself to narrow down to one product were:

Am I personally invested in this idea?
Are there good market opportunities for this product?
Does this idea play to my strengths?
How unique is the idea?
How feasible is the idea?

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 11.13.05 AM.png

I ultimately decided on the floor stickers idea. I was much more interested in this idea than the others, and it was much more differentiated from other products in its market space. It didn't involve complex new technologies, and I was unable to find patents that were similar to it.

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I looked at the current brand names for floor mats out there and found a lot of names that made me picture some huge guy yelling them. Think:

"Husky Liner"

I decided to stick to something simpler for mine, that communicated what made my product unique. The product is sticky, replaceable, and protects your carpets. I came up with a list of synonyms and metaphors for sticking: cling, grip, hug, gecko feet, spider webs (quickly eliminated - intense dislike of spiders), tape. I realized that in nature, the concept of getting rid of something when it gets old and worn is similar to molting... but that was a bit gross. After focusing on the attributes, I came up with two potential names: GripShield and TraceErase Liner. I went with TraceErase since it seemed to more clearly communicate the unique benefits of the product.




I really like the idea you decided to go with. I can see it being very useful for keeping cars clean. There's definitely a huge potential market in rental cars.

Your pitch was good, full of information. I would suggest getting the name out there earlier, instead of right at the end. The product is the main focus and should be in their head as you say why it's a good idea. Overall, it's a strong idea and you've got a solid start on your pitch.

I liked your presentation on Tuesday. I especially liked that you had a prototype with an actual adhesive backing. It is a great idea, and I love that it solves a very real problem with very real safety consequences. Your presentation overall was very confident and well done, though I agree with fadne019 that stating the name earlier in the presentation would be nice, though as I recall you had already fixed that by the time you did your final presentation.

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