A Craigslist Crime

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Maureen Orth wrote an in-depth feature in October's Vanity Fair about Phillip Markoff, a man who set up meetings with three women via Craigslist. During the appointment, two of these women were robbed, and one woman was murdered.


Markoff, a 22-year-old Boston University medical student, is convicted of the two armed robberies and murder. According to the victims, Markoff set up "sensual massage" appointments with them under the "Craigslist Erotic Services" section in the online marketplace.


In each case, Markoff allegedly came to their rooms, bound them at gunpoint, and then stole money and other belongings. In the murder case, he is accused of shooting the woman when she resisted. Markoff pleads not guilty.


I feel like this story is a combination of a human-interest and trend story. It brings up the dark side of Craigslist while giving in-depth descriptions and backgrounds of the people involved.


Orth started her story well. She describes the crime in a series of events that compelled me as a reader.


Midway through the story, I frankly grew bored. There were sections thick with facts that would get lost in the frame of the story. It did give her a well-rounded story, but it was just too much to absorb for me.


I find the "moral" of the story most important. It shows the threats of the Internet and what can happen when you aren't careful. 

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This story was interesting because Craigslist is such a prominent tool in today's society. Many people use Craigslist everyday to fulfill daily needs and services, and I think that often they do not think of the consequences.

I liked the portion of how Craigslist is trying to combat incidents like this one happening again. I think that the prevention techniques they are using to make the site safer are good things for the public to be aware of.

I agree with the blogger completely about the length of the story. I was completely engrossed at first, especially because I was not previously familiar with the incident. However, after page 3, I found myself distracted, and I didn't finish reading the article. I skipped to the ending to see how the original author finished the article, but I think the language was too technical and muddy in some areas.

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