Fighting the flu in a foreign country

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A feature in The New York Times magazine by Susan Conley talks about an issue that we are all familiar with by now, the H1N1 pandemic. Conley's story tells about her experience with traveling during in the past year and living in China with the threat of the flu.


Conley begins by specifically describing flying into Beijing in August and fearing for the worst when having to go through quarantine checks. As a parent, she didn't want to have her two children swept away to isolation if a fever was detected.


Conley also describes her encounters with Chinese healthcare and battle with breast cancer within the country. She sums it up with, "Ever since, I've tried to avoid Beijing hospitals."


This story is a trend story because it deals with the topic of H1N1 in China. Conley was able to give a personal reaction to the health scare and describe for readers what it is like.


The story starts well with a description of flying into Beijing and awaiting a health check. She ties in humor, which makes the story enjoyable to read.


I could personally relate to this story because I had to go through the same quarantine procedure that she describes when I flew into Beijing this summer. I felt the same panic, which she describes well in the story.


Conley keeps the H1N1 theme throughout the story, and draws on different experiences, like her kids' constant health checks in school, to give readers a rounded view. 

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First off, I have to say you're a brave, brave soul for writing about H1N1 all over again. That news brief assignment made my head spin! You get right to the point though. Each one of your paragraphs is very concise and clear, you left me with no questions, but you certainly peaked my interest with your ending. You must have been on edge going through the quarantine procedure, I know I would have been! :)

Reading Conley's feature made me feel like I was watching her give her boys the Tylenol pills and like I was watching them come in for the temperature readings. Just the thought of being taken to a quarantine area is unnerving, especially if you have a major responsibility to someone, like she did.

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