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September 30, 2007

Police hunting for Marijuana in Kentucky

In the remote Appalachian counties of Kentucky police try to find the crop before the grower's remove it, according to the USA Today.

Kentucky and California are the nations top marijana growing states. Police a huge effort to eradicate the crop, according to officials at the Office of National Drug Policy's Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program (HIDTA).

"We're essentially in a race with the grower to get it before he does," says state police Lt. Ed Shemelya, head of the eradication unit. This time of year, "it's not uncommon for us to be on one side of a hill eradicating, and on the other a grower is harvesting."

September 26, 2007

Hate Crime in Anoka

A 6 by 10 foot cross was burned into the lawn of a black family's home Tuesday night, according to the Star Tribune.

At 6:45 a.m. a man of the house in the 3900 block of 10th Lane called police after he saw his lawn.

September 24, 2007

12-year-old girl clings to life.

Vernice Hall, 12, was shot in the head after she left a party early Saturday, according to the Pioneer Press.

She is in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center. Part of her skull had to be removed because of brain swelling and bleeding.

The Hall's were having a party with just music and dancing. There were about 45 guests. The festivities ended just before midnight on Friday, according to the Star Tribune.

Witnesses told Vernice's Father that they saw four young men get out of a truck and shoot at people from behind a fence. Police confirmed that the shots came from about a block away, but have not arrested anyone.

Vernice was walking down the block with her friend to say goodbye when she got shot. Her 14-year-old brother threw himself on top of her. Now, he won't talk about the experience with anyone, Vernice's older sister said.

Another boy was shot in the foot late Saturday night, and police have not arrested any suspects.

I find it interesting that this story has not received more attention from Minneapolis news sources for a couple reasons. One, it happened, so close to home and two, publicizing that there are young men or women out on the streets with guns shooting at people is important.


The identity of the South Minneapolis man, who was stabbed to death, was released in the Star Tribune Sunday.
Everett D Laye, 28, was arguing with a woman in a vehicle sitting outside the 2600 block of Longfellow Avenue S. Wednesday night when she stabbed him, according to the Star Tribune.
After the incident the woman ran north on Longfellow, authorities said, according to the Star Tribune. Laye was pronounced dead at the scene and no arrests have been made. Which means an ICR is the only public document to be tracked down.

The incident report (ICR) is more specific about where and when the stabbing took place. It occurred on 2611 Longfellow AV S at 11:50 p.m. and lasted until 12:01 p.m..
The report is vague in description of the event saying the victim was stabbed in the chest by an unknown female after a verbal argument. The report recommends further investigation.
The report lists four witnesses, an owner, and two other’s. I’m not sure what the person listed as owner is an owner too. I assume the vehicle, but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure what “other? means. I assume it means other witnesses.
The article is more comprehensive and clear about the incident, but the ICR does offer more about the specifics. The facts written in both documents are in agreement and I assume accurate.

UAW workers about to strike GM

By, Christine O'Donnell

The United Auto Workers (UAW) are about to strike against General Motors (GM), according to the NY TIMES

reported that the auto workers and GM are about to make an agreement. Friday they made an agreement on a retiree health care trust. They decided on the creation of a VEBA or voluntary employee beneficiary association. This will transfer the automaker's responsibility of $50 billion in hourly retiree health care commitments to an independent trust.

Negotiators continue talks about resolving other core financial issues.

September 17, 2007

Plane Crashes in Thailand

The plane was carrying 123 passangers and seven flight attendents. At least 88 people died.

The plane was trying to land in stormy weather when it skidded off the run way, hit a low retaining wall and split in two.

The plane started filling with smoke and fires broke out, said Mildred Furlong, 23, a waitress from British Columbia, Canada. A passenger in front of her caught fire, while one in the back kicked out a plane window.

79 of the passangers were foreign and 44 were Thai. They were traveling from Bangkok to Phuket.

Minivan crashes into Light-rail

A minivan crashed into the Hiawatha Light-rail in Minneapolis Sunday.

No one was seriously injured, including the passangers on the train.

The accident happened around 4 p.m.. The train was traveling north on 54th Street between the 50th Street/Minnehaha Park and VA Medical Center rail stationson when a minivan turned onto the track, according to the Pioneer Press.

According to the Star Tribune, Bob GIbbons, spokesperson for Metrotransit didn't think that that intersection was a dangerous place.
The driver, a 77-year-old man, was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center for observation.

The light-rail shut down for about one hour.

This is not the first accident the light rail has had. There have been a number of them over the years. Perhaps the transit should install more gardrails to protect other incidents from occuring.