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Analysis: Attorney General sues Sprint.

by Christine O'Donnell,

Pioneer Press, writer Debra O'Connell took a feature-story approach when reporting about the Attorney General suing the Sprint-Nextel Corportation.
"Virtually everytime [customer's] sneeze, they get two years stuck on their Sprint wireless contract."

She's right! According to the civil complaint "when consumers made small changes to their phone service, such as adding extra minutes or purchasing a new phone" their contracts were extended for up to two years. This was done without providing "adequate notice or meaningful consent" to the consumer, buy Sprint/Nextel. O'Connor also includes that adding a family member and changing a battery, would extend the consumer's contract, which she found in the civil complaint.

The price for the early termination of one phone's contract is $200, according to both the complaint and the article.
This and the latter are all the information O'Connor found out from the complaint.

O'Connor used outside sources to fill out the rest of her article.
She writes that other wireless companies have been know to extend contracts, but this one has been singled out because the number of customer complaints was huge.
The violated consumer, David Peterson, who objected to the $800 early termination fee Sprint/Nextel was charging, she quoted is not listed in the complaint.

She then lists some tips about cell phone contracts and the attorney general's phone number. So anyone else who feels like they may have been violated by Sprint/Nextel can contact Attorney General Lori Swanson.
Her office number is: 651-296-3353.

Her story was accurate, and much more clear and comprehensive compared to the civil complaint.


sprint misinformed me and my girlfriend when our phone was old and we purchased a new phone and was told by the representative that the plan won't change or extend come to find the plan change and extend and sprint answer was too bad we are not doing a dam thing that is what you call customer service. piss off and going to legal attorney to inform them. Jerry