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Analysis: Brooklyn Park Residents Stall City Action

By Christine O'Donnell,

"Met Council is requiring the cities to build thousands of units while residents worry about crime, property values," according to the Star Tribune.

Journalist Lora Pabst wrote a story in Fridays paper about the 200 Brooklyn Park residents that held a community meeting this month in response to the cities plan to build a luxury apartment complex.

The complex would include 20 percent affordable housing units. Residents are concerned that this will change the neighborhoods structure. For example the crime rate, the traffic and school system.

City officials decided to slow the process and a study is to be conducted to see how building "high-density residential complexes" will affect their city.

The Metropolitan Council has told Brooklyn Park along with several other cities in their district that they must build thousands of affordable housing units by the year 2020.

Jeff Lunde, a City Council member told me in an interview that he thinks "the cities need to work together," in reference to building thousands of new housing units by 2020. In Pabst's article, he says that he 'wants to make sure other cities are meeting their assigned number of units from the Met Council so one city isn't overburdened. He is also quoted saying " It's a shared burden or opportunity, however you look at it."

Lunde felt that he was correctly quoted in Pabst's article and that overall she did a great job reporting the story.