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November 19, 2007

UND trying to hold on to its Fighting Sioux nickname

The Sioux Indians may lose their fight to get UND to change their mascot, according to the Star Tribune.

The Indians are caught in a Catch-22 where they'll be made the bad guy if they don't comply with the Universities wishes, according to Clay Jenkinson, the Theodore Roosevelt scholar in residence at Dickinson (N.D.) State University said.

"It [is] outrageous to make North Dakota's Indians bear the burden of settling a controversy they didn't create, about a nickname that appropriates their culture without their consent,"Jenkinson said.

Roman Catholic Order settled Sex Abuse Case.

An Alaskan Roman Catholic religious ordered agreed to pay $50 million to settle a sex abuse case Sunday, according to CNN.

There are 110 victims of sexual assault by Jesuit priests of this Roman Catholic order, according to Ken Roosa the lawyer on the case.

The people abused were alter boys, alter servers or alter girls at one point, Roosa said. When some told their story, it was recieved with "How can you say such things about a man of God."

November 11, 2007

Vikings lose to Packers

Packers beat the Vikings in a 34-0 victory Sunday, according to the Star Tribune.

One of the main reasons the Packers have been so successful is due to their starting quarterback Brett Favre, said Ron Wolfe the Green Bay Packers general manager.

Since Favre was traded from the Falcons to the Packers in 1991, the Vikings have been through 14 starting quarterbacks.

"He's just a great football player," Wolf said. "What makes him so great is he loves to play."

Musharraf won't set a date to end Martial Law

Pakistan's Presdent, Gen. Pervez Musharraf has refused to give a date that will end the military's control over the admisitration of justice, Sunday according to the NY Times.

However, he did appear to give in to American pressure by restoring parliamentary elections in early January.

Elections may be difficult seeing Pakistani citizens still don't have their basic civil liberties.

Wstern diplomats dismissed the election date and question General Musharraf. How can the country have fair elections when his security forces have arrested 2,500 civilians, suspended the constitution, blocked independent news channels and banned public gatherings?

November 4, 2007

Gopher's lose homecoming game

The Minnesota Gopher football team lost to Illinois 17-44, according to the Star Tribune.

This year the Gopher football team has not won many games, but their defeat this weekend, homecoming weekend, was incredibly upsetting.

46,604 gopher fan's came to the homecoming game. Coach Tim Brewster said the team's defense had made improvements; however, the events of the game showed differently.

The Gopher's allowed the Illini's, Brewsters alma mater, 655 yards total throughout the game.

By the end of the game the stands were near empty.

State of Emergency declared in Pakistan

Saturday night Gen. Pervez Musharrah, the Pakistani Leader declared a state of emergency, according to the NY Times.

Musharrah made the declaration that fired the chief justice of the Supreme court, suspended the country's constitution and filled the capital with police in an attemt to salvage and strengthen his power in the country.

This act now forces the U.S. to "publicly castigate the man it has described as one of its closest allies in fighting terrorism."