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May 9, 2008

Prompt 9 – Presentation Reaction

Another presentation I found interesting was the honors presentation on Goal 8: A Global Partnership for Development. I like this goal because it represents the idea that we need to help each other to “evolve? as one society. This group decided to focus on a topic that is always expanding and will be necessary for developing countries to be familiar with. This topic is: advances in the communication industry. In America, we have become so accustomed to immediacy of technology and the internet. I don’t know a single person my age who doesn’t own a cell phone. It’s unheard of here, but in many countries, like Somalia, cell phones are just starting to make an appearance. I found it interesting that Somalia was the last country in Africa to get the internet. I really thought it was intriguing how the group talked about how these countries don’t have to catch up to us, but they will have to “leapfrog? technologies that are older to us. I think this is interesting because we have grown up with these advances in technology and communication, so we have a good idea of where the new ideas are coming from. People in these countries, however, may have never seen a telephone before and now we are just handing them cell phones. I think there is a significant cultural implication here and I’m not saying it’s a negative issue, but it is definitely something to think about. I also like the idea of the $100 computer which I actually learned about last semester in a business class. If I remember correctly, the supply couldn’t keep up with the demand when the computers first came out because they were much more popular than initially anticipated. I think it’s a great program and it will really help to spread knowledge about technology across the globe.

Prompt 8 – Presentation Reaction

One of the presentations that I found interesting was the one from our discussion section about Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability. Unlike many of the other groups which covered areas in Africa or other developing countries, this one decided to focus on a well-known corporation; BP. I found it most interesting that the company tries to present an image of environmental well-being, yet it is doing so much damage to the northern wildlife near their oil deposits. In 2000, BP adopted their new “eco-friendly? logo and changed its slogan to “Beyond Petroleum? in an attempt to appear invested in finding alternative fuel sources. It’s funny because in 2006, it was revealed that the company was facing charges for letting 270,000 gallons of oil leak into Alaska. The group mentioned that this type of corporate behavior is known as “greenwashing?. I was very interested in this and I will keep an eye out for this type of practice when considering the position of an “environmentally friendly? corporation. I also liked that the group went up and beyond the requirements of project and really got involved with their cause by making posters, brochures, and even a t-shirt.