February 14, 2006

Project Blogroll

Entrance into a new technology necessitates exposure to jargon. To the extent that we can keep track of that jargon and remember what the host of acronyms, coinages, and technical appropriations mean, we can keep up with a technological discourse community. Today’s word is “blogroll.? I first thought it would be some sort of virtual marriage between blogging and lumberjacking, but I was dead wrong. A blogroll is simply a list of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators, aka web addresses) that you can post on your blog. It keeps favorite web haunts handy—for the blogger and her readers.

To facilitate the Public Project Support Community (PPSC) in our class, I’ve posted blog URLs for each student in my new blogroll. They appear in the right hand column below the "Recent Posts" heading (though I'd like to bump it towards the top if I can figure it out). Now it's easy to see what people are doing for their public projects and to keep ideas circulating. Slick.

Posted by ogde0004 at February 14, 2006 10:31 AM