August 5, 2005

Two A Day

Wrapping up a week that saw some progress on my incompletes, I'm feeling pretty satisfied with what I've done. I know, however, that I won't be completed with either paper before my brother gets off the plane tomorrow. He has some work to do while he's here next week, so I won't feel too bad about having to finish up while he's attending his conference.

The weekend starts now. Home to relax with my family.

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Dangling Incompletes

The summer has rushed by. My primarily academic goal has been to finish two incompletes by completing two seminar papers. I have had plenty of time to do it, yet I'm not sure how close I am to finishing.

I'm working on a genealogy of transnationalism—a selective review of its origination, evolution, and application, especially in literary contexts. I thought this would yield a very contained paper, but I find it turns out to be just as limitless and complicated as everything else.

The other paper is an analysis of two plays written by Hmong women playwrights. Both engage domestic violence, particularly considering the extraordinary case of Khoua Her's filicide in 1998. I'm curious about how literature works in the discourse of such violence.

Today I really want to finish one of these papers. I'd like to finish the other early next week. Then I can move forward toward my preliminary exam.

I could have done more this summer, but now I'm just trying to accomplish what I can and avoid firing the torpedo of guilt. Onward, ever onward.

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August 4, 2005

Journaling the Journey

Today, without notice, I decided I'd start to document my progress towards finishing my PhD in English at the University of Minnesota. My friend Dave just submitted his completed draft of his dissertation to his committee earlier this week and he told me he'd been keeping a journal of his academic work for a while. Ultimately, I may find I don't want it all to be public, and ultimately I may not find it efficient to blog it, but I'll try this for a while. I won't burden the world with detailed research notes or terrific sources I've found. Instead I'll probably just post a brief snapshot of each day—what I want to accomplish.

Here's hoping this is a ticket towards sure and steady progress towards completion.

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