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Thy Homelessness and thy Decisions

The Homelessness in “King Lear? draws a strong connection to the poor/homeless in the Twin Cities. Like Lear, Kent, and Edgar, many people are forced onto the streets by an uncontrollable circumstance. The thing that is different with the poor/homeless in Minnesota as compared to the poor/homeless in “King Lear,? is that in the Twin Cities, the people stay homeless. They are completely lazy! These words I have heard from a stranger help exemplify the point: “They stand on the street corner all day begging for money. I stand all day working and I get paid for it.? Most of them are healthy individuals that can work for money if they have a strong enough desire to work. The problem is that they can get by moderately without doing any work by taking the easy way out: asking people for their hard earned money. They take the lazy route and do not work when they are perfectly fit and capable to do so, making them a drag on society, one of the things we can certainly do without. To me, these healthy people being homeless is ridiculous, which is why I will never support someone begging for money on the street. They have so many opportunities around the Twin Cities for jobs and such, if and only if they have a strong enough desire to work! “If there is a will, there is a way.? In “King Lear?, people like Kent are abandoned, but they work hard to make sure they have a good future and don’t remain homeless. Edgar works hard also. He acts homeless and goes through all the troubles of a homeless man just so he can work hard towards his main goal including status in society. I find their hard work very inspirational and think that the traits and character that they posses are necessary to be successful. The homeless and the poor of the Twin Cities are simply too lazy! As for the people not fit to do work due to mental/physical problems, the Twin Cities offer so many different opportunities due to recent expansion, that a disability is no excuse for not working. I want to confirm my beliefs about homelessness and also learn more about this forever growing group, which is why I signed up to volunteer at a homeless shelter for my service learning project.

Though there are many sad situations in King Lear, the one that I find to be the saddest is when the King and Gloucester realize they have falsely blamed their children only when it was “too late,? The happy part about it is that they all die knowing the truth. I think that many other issues in our time have been decided upon, but then are deeply regretted only after it is way too late. For example, many believe that Iraq shouldn’t have been invaded, but most of the Political leaders realized they made a mistake way after everything had been initiated and done. People instinctively make decisions, but they often only realize that their decisions are bad, too late, leaving them nothing they can do to correct their mistake. A wrong decision may even land one homeless. Sadly, these inevitable mistakes will happen no matter what. There is nothing we can do about them because they are a product of our instinct. Could they be avoided by taking more time to make decisions? I wonder if the previous question is true. I often believe it to be true, that with time and deep thought about a matter, the right decision will often come, but the wrong decision will inevitably be made sometimes.


In some ways I agree with you, but you make it seem that all homeless people are lazy and pathetic. How insulting! Think about what most homeless people go through, some people’s wife left them, or kids; they have to sleep on the roads or in shelters; others have gone bankrupt; still while others are either poor or misuse drugs and alcohol. They have made some very poor decisions, but they deserve a second chance. All they are trying to do is survive in life and get their lives back. I read that there are over 3,000 people that are homeless in Minnesota. I am pretty sure that most of them are hard working and trying to get their lives into shape. It is hard to get back on your feet when you have got nothing. My opinion differs from yours in that homeless people should get a second chance.

I disagree with your notion of the homeless in the Twin Cities. Perhaps they are lazy, but wouldn't anyone be if there wasn't much to work for. Society hates these people and thus forces them to remain in this state of poverty. Tis not a shallow hole to dig oneself out of, and not a pretty view to look forward to on the outside. Kent had motivation to serve his King despite his banishment. Edgar wants his father's love. This is a very big difference between drama, and realism. Then again I shouldn't speak because I am far from such a situation, and so are you. But that's not what I really want to talk about.

What I will say about decision-making is that many poor decisions are made but are not in fact corrected. The Iraq war is a product of poor decision making, but the failure to realize that it is a mistake. Either that or the war itself is a product of other motivations. Attaining stability in such a region is impossible, yet there is a huge possibility that there will be a surge in troops. Poor decision making or poor motivations. You decide.

I do not agree with what you are saying about the homeless in MN. There are many out there that are trying their best to get their lives back. Like Justin Varghese said, what if their wife or husband left them and took everything. Or what if they were born to it and because of no schooling or another reason could be that the society keeps them a way because they are homeless therefore they have no choice but to do their best in the meantime to live.
There may be a lot of homeless out there but I was listening to the radio one day and I heard something that is one of the reasons why some people refuse to help a homeless person that is begging for money on the street. What I heard was that some people pretend to be homeless. There are many people out on the street that has a job, a family and they are still out there trying to take the easy way out. I admit myself that there has been many times when I was put in a situation where I did not feel like the homeless person I was helping was really homeless. In the past that had made me mad and angry that the people out on the streets because that makes it hard to really help the people who really needs help.
That is one reason why I decided to help shelter homes and other places like it instead of giving money to the people on the street.

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