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For Love or For Money, That is the Question

In today’s society its seems as though the number of people who marry for love is less and less with each passing year. With the divorce rates on the rise, and a countless number of people marrying for money and that extra sense of security, brings up some pertinent questions: do people marry for love or money, and does money really make you happy?
More and more in today popular culture an ever growing number of wealthy middle aged men seem to be marrying young 20 year old women, as quote on quote “arm candy?. Although some may be a true expression of love, but many times I wonder, is this relationship really based on love, or is it merely a mutual arrangement. What happened to traditional culture of marriage, loving your partner “through sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, as long as you both shall live?. It’s becoming harder and harder to find couples that are truly in love.
Which leads me to the relationship between Bassanio and Portia in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Bassanio is a young, energetic boy who squanders away his money, and jumps at the opportunity of marrying the fair and wealthy Portia. After receiving the proper funding and successfully passing her father’s test the happy couple seemed to fall fast for one another. But if Portia was not beautiful or wealthy how many suitors would come knocking at her door. Each risking being alone for the rest of their lives for just one chance to be with her. How strong of a role do these factors play when it comes to “love??
Is it possible for people to overlook the superficial things that block you from seeing who a person really is? Or will marrying for good looks and wealth continue to grow in popularity?


As I have been thinking about marriage institution, it seems to me it is dieing anyway. While some people prefer to secure themselves through spouse’s money, others get married for other reason. But it has been this way since the marriage institution exists.

For centuries, when men’s and women’s roles were assigned, women would be considered as “goods? rather than thinking and feeling human beings. They could not find a job to support themselves, and had to get married someone who could provide them decent living. In some cultures, having a few or many wives for man was common practice, as long as man could afford that type of “goods?. Consequently men had power and control over women.

Times are getting changed. Women thorough fight for rights, got more power and opportunities than before, in the Western society anyway. Technological evolution, service-oriented economy, and changed mentality provide more jobs for women. All those tendencies offer financial independence to both men and women. And it might seem that “marring love? should happen more often than “marring money?. But instead, populace is less willing to get married at all without having the social and financial necessity for the marriage.

Now or ever before, people still meet other people, wish to spent time or life with each other. For love, for money, for friendship, or for any other reasons, men and women stay with each other. Often it is hard to separate the real reason for being together. The rich and good looking can be loved as much as the poor and not so handsome. And it is amazing to have that great secret of getting along for the reason or an absence of one.

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