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Public Project Presentations

It was a regular class time, and I did not expect to learn anything besides Shakespeare’s plays. I was ready to give a presentation and leave the class earlier as I was giving a second presentation at the Carlson School of Management. Busy life, as I am graduating this semester, does not leave much time to be sensitive or sentimental. To be certain, I did not expect to learn anything new about life, I just expected to study about Shakespeare’s world and its connection to today’s life. But it seems to me that this class keeps amazing me. That time I was amazed too.

Again, I was getting ready to give a speech for a presentation part of my volunteering project. I was inspired by what I was doing and did not need much rehearsing to explain my experience to the class. I was ready to share the knowledge, not to hear about an experience from someone. The whole my attitude had changed right after the beginning of the class, when my classmates started talking about volunteering for homeless men. Since I have moved to the United States, I have seen decent life in terms of financials. People in this country, as from my perception have a lot of opportunities from the birth, very often hardworking but having a lot for granted. The homelessness did not seem to be a problem in USA in the first place. And if it did take place, as I thought, it was a fault solely of those who homeless. How often we are lost in stereotypes! We do not even bother ourselves to break them or check them how truthful those stereotypes are. Until we face the reality anyway.

I was listening to the stories about the homeless and changing my point of view. I have changed my attitude toward those poor ones who live on the street. Surprisingly, they are not criminals and are very often nice and friendly people.

It was a regular class time, but that class turned to be very important in terms of my attitude toward reality. Another important part of my Shakespeare class is the possibility to show learn life, not just literature, and possibility to show the best parts of our personality whether that be our caring heart or a talent to write poetry.


I was also impressed by the “volunteering? the other students have been completing. Helping others seems to be working and sounds like both parties are appreciating the effort. We as students are learning more about being under privileged, while those being helped are thankful for our knowledge and time. Most of the people in their current situation have been forced and are trying to recover.

Many students have been volunteering to help the homeless. I was wondering what constitutes a location in the United States for having more homeless people than another. In the past month I have been to Seattle, WA and San Antonio, TX. Both locations are known for their tourism so it would make a perfect location for beggars to stay and gather funds. While in Seattle there was an abundance of homeless people holding signs saying “Not going to lie. I need a beer.? This shocked me. In Minnesota you usually see homeless people holding signs asking for money and a nice thank you. Then while in San Antonio, I rarely saw homeless people. Nobody bothered me begging for money or holding signs for help. So why do some states have more homeless than another? Do they have more opportunities available?

I often feel when I go to volunteer that I'm not helping anyone but myself; just fulfilling my course hours. I rarely see the residents at Ascension Place, and it seems like the work I'm doing is for the administration there. I'm struggling to figure out a presentation about my experience working with the homeless. But am I really working with the homeless? I know everything I do in some way benefits the women who live there, but it is not a tangible thing.
Everytime I go to volunteer I hear the "behind the scenes" information, like which woman is going back to treatment or what someone got for mail. I guess I have a stereotype about "helping" the homeless. I feel like I should be serving a hot meal, or listening to someone's tragic story, but not sitting there just answering the phones.
Shakespeare spoke of homelessness is his plays and I wonder if in order to speak about homeless men and women did he encounter them and interact with them? He wasn't poor as a kid, but were there moments in his life where this idea of having no where to live influence his work?