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The Rise to the Top

Since we haven't yet started the Merchant of Venice, I'm going to look at our last two books.I"m going to look at how the two evil characters rose to the top. Edmund and Richard III weren't really all that diffrent. They had the same motives and would do anything thing to get to the top of the power struggle. I don't belive it is that much diffrent then what we experience today in our politicans.

With the Presidential Primarys right around the corner we are already seeing candidates starting to throw their hats in for the bid to be the next President of the United States, As the the elections draw closer it will be interesting to see which candidates most turn out to be like Edmund and Richard III. Everything always seems to start out nice and everybody respects everyone else. Then as time passes the mudslinging begins and scandels break out all over the place. They tell the public how much they like the other candidates and how much they respect there opponents. Then as soon as a scandel hits they will throw them under the bus in a heart beat. This is not that much diffrent then Richard or Edmund. They may have been a little nastier in the fact that they killed off anyone in their way or simply made them disappear. They did what they had to do to get to the top. Will that be any diffrent then what we will see in the next year or two? Which Candidates will not be like Edmund and Richard and will it help? In the struggle to the top do you have to bury your opponents like Richard and Edmund did or can you rise to the top by being honest and fair? In the coming election I think we will see alot more Edmunds and Richards then we will see Edgar and Richmonds. I believe we will see plenty of candidates more then willing to pounce on their opponents when trouble starts so they can gain an advantage and rise to the top. I don't believe anyone will even question whether they should or shouldn't. Is it not easier to win if you do things this way. Power is an awesome drug and I don't believe that you will see too many Edgars and Richmonds. So who will win the next election? I believe it will be the person who keeps out of trouble and buries their opponent when they get in trouble. I don't believe it will be the person with the best ideas or morals but one who is smart enough to stay out of trouble and stomp on their opponet when given the opportunity. As the saying goes "nice guys finish last".


Even thought this will be the first Presidential election that I will be able to vote in for years I and everyone else in America have been exposed to these campaign ads. Whether or not you are going to be voting in the election these ads have a huge impact on your opinions of the candidates. Personally, the more digs one candidate takes at another the more respect I lose for them. I would much more prefer a President who promoted themselves and their ideals than one who played off of other candidates’ flaws to make themselves look better. When it comes to King Lear and Richard III if either Edmund or Richard had triumphed I believe that theirs would be a short lived success. The subjects of England would grow suspicious of how these two came to power and would draw conclusions of delinquency. This would, therefore, make them lose credibility. That is true for politicians these days. The more people the “throw under the bus? on the way to their success the more credibility they lose to the American people. The sang “nice guys finish last? does seem to be the trusted slogan of today’s politicians but Shakespeare had the opposite beliefs. In King Lear and Richard III it was the bad guys (Edmund and Richard) that finished last.

I actually disagree with you completely. I believe this will be the election where the nice guy does finish last. I think our generation is sick and tired of middle aged mud slingers and will actually rise up and do something about it. If we continue to buy into the saying 'nice guys finish last' it will perpetuate and it will prove itself to be true. We are the ones who decide what wins and what doesn't. When we take previous administrations or generations or anyone who came before us and buy into their rhetoric, we aren't really pioneers are we? Aren't we the ones whom our teachers said could change the world. Apparently no one actually believes that we can, especially ourselves. When we start taking action the way we talk, things will change. Until then, that is all it is, talk.

Sure, scandels will come up, and sure things will be said between candidates. We may see Edgars and Richmonds though. Again, it is our choice who we put in our positions of respect. If we don't want Edmund and Richard III, then we have to do something about it. Corruption is a natural part of politics, it always has been. People since the dawn of time have followed men of power and money. I just hope among hopes that we can change that saying of yours.

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