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As Portia disguises as a young man of law in Merchant of Venice to save Antonio, Shakespeare again uses disguise to build major characters in The Taming of the Shrew. In The Taming of the Shrew, Lucentio and Hortensio dress as tutors to declare love to Bianca. Tranio dresses as Lucentio to help Lucentio be successful of wooing Bianca. As I read these two plays, I thought why should they disguise themselves to achieve their goal? Well, probably they think that disguise would make them win Bianca’s heart. Although disguise plays an important role for Lucentio to win Bianca’s heart, he needs to find another man to disguise himself to play a role as his father when Baptista wants to confirm with Lucentio’s father. So, at first, it seems that disguises enable them to achieve their goal and it is not hard to keep them masquerade. However, as Tranio bumps into Vincentio, Lucentio’s father, Tranio and Lucentio’s true selves are soon to be uncovered. Although they try to portray themselves as totally different people, their true identity could not be changed.

I think I see people like Lucentio and Tranio in today’s society, who act like someone they are not. When politicians campaign to win their election, they portray themselves to different people to appeal more voters. But, after they got elected, they sometimes act in different ways from what they promised to their voters during their campaign. They disguise themselves to achieve their goal of winning the election, but their true selves are eventually uncovered and they often disappoint the people who supported them during the election.

Why can’t people just be the way they are? Perhaps, some people think that disguise is sometimes necessary for them to achieve their goal because it allows them to become a totally different person for the moments. My point is that I think through disguise in his plays, Shakespeare maybe wanted to say that a person beneath remains the same no matter how the person portrays him/her or act differently.


This blog brings up a very pertinent question in today's society, about who people really are underneath the headlines and the talk show hipe. It seems as though with each passing year, people find less importance in morals and honesty. With numerous scandels involving money laundering (Martha Stewart, Enron etc.). At what point in time did people begin to feel that dishonesty and deceit were acceptable? Another very public display of quote on quote "disguises" (as mentioned in Christine's post) is political figures. They travel to regions across the countries, in hopes of swaying as many voters as possible. In each region focusing on different qualities they feel appeal to their audiance, to gain support. Often times letting their supporters down once they reach the office they desire. And like Christine, I too wonder why people do not feel free to be themselves, is this the turn our society is taking?

Well, like the beautiful song's lyrics say, "honesty is such a lonely word". I think that Shakespeare's metaphorical portrayal of human nature and dishonesty is not exclusively seen in politics, but are reflective of people in general. Corruptions and distortions in politics and in the media more ore less mirror the society itself. Clearly, every human being living in this post-mercantilist world has to disguise himself or herself to achieve certain objectives. It is sad, and inevitable, my friends. We needs to carefully reflect on ourselves too. For example, it is told that men are tricked by women's make up, and women are tricked by men's inflations . How honest are the words men say to attract women, and how sincere the beauty of women in places of courtship? Ask yourselves, how many lies and fake smiles, and double faces do you put on each day?
Have you ever applied for a job? Or will you be? I think people do a good job disguising themselves in nice adorned suits, and furnished smiles and answers, and of course, the resumees.
It is sad, but inevitable, and that's how human sin is. How has the world become like this, you may ask. I would say the world was ALWAYS like this, just as greed always existed, and jealousy too.

Insightful interpretation. I am looking for my daughter, Christine Lee who was born in Minnesota in 1969. I would appreciate any information you may have about her.