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Love at first sight?

Of all the many love stories we have all read over the years, have not they all been love at first sight? How does one love another by only seeing them? How does one love another by hearing of them? To truly love someone you have to know them, see them, and be with them. Today it might be “like? at first sight, but to love someone it takes time. Sure we hear of all the celebrities who are getting married, when just the other day they were with someone else. I do not think these celebrities should be the example of how we all should love someone. It is just not realistic.

Loving someone is a large task. One must have no reserves and have the ability to put their whole self out there. Sure it sounds scary, but that is the risk in trying to love someone. To do that, there is a chance that everything will work out beautifully and we will meet the man/woman of our dreams. There also is the possibility that one might fall flat on their face, but there are many more opportunities out there, or more fish in the sea.

In Taming of the Shrew, the outside appearances of Bianca and Katharina are bipolar. The men who are attracted to Bianca are repulsed towards Katharina. Whether someone has a soft or hard exterior, deep down they always want to be loved. It seems like it is the sole reason for living. To share ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams, our beliefs, everything, is what we should do. Katharina, just like many of us out in the world put on an act of anger and hate, to delay that love. She and we may be afraid to give and share everything we have with someone else because of that fear of rejection, but no one wants to live alone.

Although many of us do not see a real example of what love should be in our lives, it is out there. You may be saying, why do I have such an optimistic view of what love should be? Well, the truth is, it is what I believe. We have had boyfriends/girlfriends who may have seemed right at the time, but when it did not work out saw that it was not meant to be. My belief is that love is possible and real for everyone if they are open to it.


This is a great idea. I agree with the idea that love is possible for everyone, but I disagree with the fact that there is love at first sight. I myself have experienced this phenomena. When I met my boyfriend of three years I saw and him and I just knew. When I tell people this they laugh and say that I don't know what love is or that I'm full of ****. I laugh along with them because its easier than trying to defend my feelings to people who have obviously not experienced this. I know that there is a soul mate for each person in the world and that if you stop looking for that person and let them find you it is so much better. I trully believe that love will find you when it is right. So if you are waiting to find your true love, don't get discouraged there will be a time and place for it. Just do your thing and let love come to you!

Love at first sight, that is the question. If it is in fact far better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all, then why not believe in love at first sight? I have been in love many times in my life. Most of the time it is love at first sight, or at least pretty darn quick. Of course, none of these relationships have worked out. So maybe Petruchio has the right idea. Decide what you want based on information information given by an unbiased source sight unseen. If we put Petruchio into todays dating scene, I think we would find him surfing the net on match.com. Prtruchio would not worry about the photo either. Lucentio, on the other hand, would be looking only at the profiles with photos. Another conection to todays internet dating scene and The Taming of the Shrew is that no one in this play is what they seem. Everyone pretends to be what they think will give them the best chance at hooking up with the person of there choice. On the internet it is much easier to misrepresent yourself. You don't need an elaborate costume or to have someone pretend to be you while you make yourself out to be something that your not. The existance of love at first sight is not for me to say. Love is fluid and whatever you want it to be.

When you love someone, you must be open to him/her. Open communication is very important in a relationship. We must have good communication skills and communicate our love to those people whom we love or to that special person in our life.

Loving someone is inspiring. Maybe it is really the fear of rejection that keeps us from loving or accepting love.

Fear of rejection can sometimes be a result of something from the past. We are still affected of what happened in the past which should not be the case. Our past experiences must not affect us this way, instead, we should learn from it; it should make us stronger.

People experiencing fear of rejection must start finding solutions to overcome it. Starting to accept ourselves will make others accept us as well. Sometimes this fear of rejection leads us into rejecting ourselves as well. We must first accept and love ourselves so that others will do the same to us.

There are no perfect relationships. The trials that a relationship faces are the ones that makes it stronger.

People, or couples, should just be positive about their relationships. They must not give up and should face the trials hand in hand. Releasing those negative feelings, emotions, etc. is a good way to feel positive all the time.

The Sedona Method is proven effective in releasing. Many have spoken about how great they felt after taking the method.