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TOTS more funny in days gone by

This is written in response to "the taming of the shrew - not so funny." The previous entry bought up that fact that many of the jokes in the taming of the shrew are disrespectful to women and are not that funny. Although these jokes are not funny in today's era, I do feel that taming of the shrew is definitely a comedy. This play was written in a time when men where the main audience. I believe that jokes in the play are about women because men in the this time would have found it funny that a woman dared to oppose their rule. Additionally, the men would have found it humorous that Katherine in the end was put back "in her place." This may be offensive in today's time, but it is in the nature of comedy to make fun of a certain groups of people. Overall the comedy in the taming of the shrew reflects the views and ideas of women in Shakespeare's time.


People say these sexist jokes are no longer funny, however, there are tons of media that do make jokes about the opposite sex... such as family guy, maxim magazines, man show, so its not so much about the time period. Men are making up these jokes because they are men, but it doesnt mean they are right.