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Tricking ourselves in society?

In the inductions of The Taming of the Shrew, Christopher Sly is a drunken beggar that is incapable of finding happiness. He uses alcohol as a method of forgetting the depressing life he lives. Passing out, he wakes up and finds himself in a lavishing, upscale house. Christopher is dressed up in jewelry, has multiple servants, and a wife. The servants tell him that he has been in a coma for many years, and has finally woken up. He has been tricked into a joke, and yet does not realize it. He is so oblivious from the surroundings he is unable to figure out the current situation. Today, some students become so entranced with so many events and activities; it becomes difficult for them to keep track of what is truly important. These students are unable to figure out the current situation they are in, and become oblivious towards their education. During the earlier college years, some students get engulfed in all the weekend action of clubbing and partying, and decide to stop caring about their education. Students trick themselves into believing they are in an acceptable situation because they become satisfied with their level of poor performance, deceiving themselves from the fact that they need to do well for the future. After college, they realize their mistakes of not receiving a good education. Education is a great tool for life, however, if it is not utilized, there would be no point of learning at a college. Throughout my college career, I have seen numerous people settle on mediocrity when it comes to education, and look for an excuse when they question themselves why. They compare themselves with the lower half of society in order to feel their position is acceptable. However, if they are constantly comparing themselves like that, they will be unable to realize the necessity of improving themselves. Even if they are able to graduate, it will be very difficult to find a successful career path if they have poor grades.

One of the key ingredients to a successful life is to become active towards set goals. However, it takes a long period to build a road to a successful life, and there are many elements which can deter people from this. For example, after a weekend of partying, it is difficult to come back to the education world because it is a cycle that can get depressing. But a student must realize they do not have any more chances and must do everything needed to reach their career goals, or else they might end up working at a McDonald’s the rest of their life. When Christopher Sly figures out he has been tricked, he will be even more saddened because he will have to return back as a beggar after experiencing such a prestigious life. College students should be careful and not trick themselves into doing an unacceptable job, and then later find out they have learned nothing from their education.


I to believe many students do not take advantage of what they have been offered in a college education. When college students first get to college we are 18 and ready to spread of wings and get a little crazy. For most its the first time that we really have been on our own. So we go to parties and get crazy and met new people. But after awhile I agree you have to get focused set goals for yourself. I to think it is really easy to get into a certain groove and then the next thing you know you are getting bad grades or are behind in your work. There are a ton of distractions at college but if you remember why you are there I think it can help you succeed. I also think thay you have to surround yourself with the right friends. Friends have a huge influence and when your buddy goes put down the homework its friday lets get crazy it is alot easier to party then to sit in dorms and say no that's alright I'm going to study. I'm not saying you should never go out and never have fun but I just think there are times during the semester when it is alot easier to do it. Now that I'm a little older and I look back at my friends from when I first started school only one of them graduated. The rest well they aren't doing so great. They couldn't draw the line between partying and school. I have to agree on the set goals. I think if you have something written down and are working towards it it can help when you need to focus.