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something got done

Hail the magical mystery of the blog! It soothes. It eases. It comforts. And it consoles. If only it would do laundry, make coffee, and calm screaming toddlers awoken by night terrors, it would really be magical.

Sara speaks very comforting and wise words. I agree with your analysis of the self struggle that is the dissertation. And maybe it is exacerbated by who we are (our present and persistent selves)—that is, people of reflection, complication, and poignancy who are drawn to the humanities. I think we all have very active inner lives where we struggle with our fraught world (past, present, and future) and our fraught selves (past, present, and future). It is a good reminder that this can be more about exterior matters than interior ones.

And I feel better this evening knowing that I sat down this afternoon and pounded out a single-spaced page and I was able to enjoy the writing and the thinking it invited whereas I have been so stuck by the thinking and the writing it foreclosed. I have some juice left in me, and if they boys can stay sleeping while Christa is at a movie, I can get some more writing done.

Tomorrow I'll be at Concordia in the archive were I can channel the spirit of dusty artifacts and lay hands on concrete objects. That's always exciting, refreshing, and enjoyable.

Thanks, Sara, for so many words of encouragement. Thanks, blog, for whatever it is that you do, too.