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fern is done (for now)

hey everybody. well, fanny fern clocks in 11 days overdue, but longer than expected, so that's sort of a good reason for the extended deadline. i'm at 50 pages, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman. I've got 5 sections and tried to put an idea or two in each. i do a lot of close reading, but i think my reader would need the Fern exposure rather than launching into arguments unthethered.
today i meet with tom about my Senarens (storypaper / flying machine) chapter. I am looking forward to that, it's in an hour. I spent the morning re-reading my chapter, running errands, and relaxing.
Tomorrow I need to get back to work.
What's my new plan?
I think I need to start my Introduction. But I'm pretty clueless how to start research and writing that document. After my Introduction comes my Abstract (for the job market). Then, my Conference Paper for SHARP.
Emily, can you give me any Introduction pointers? I don't even know what the format is like.
I can't wait to catch up w/ ya'll.
I bought some new glasses to celebrate. They are beautiful. You will see them soon!
xo, S$


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I'd love to see an outline of your sections for the Fern chapter. That gives us all a much deeper -- but totally quick -- understanding of your work.

Way to go! You got a lot done. Good luck figuring out your introduction. It will probably look similar to the job app abstract, right?