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Technical Support Requests

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We are very excited to offer to OIP an online system for IT support requests! We look forward to this system helping us partner with OIP staff in resolving technical issues as quickly as we can, while keeping everyone involved as informed as possible.

To submit a request, visit the Support Ticket web site.

The system allows for the following:

  • Web-based submission of support requests, as well as ability for the submitter to follow progress and actions taken on each request.
  • Automated emails that keep the submitter informed as to progress, status changes, etc.
  • Ability for technology staff to assign tickets via FileMaker, web interface, or special iPhone interface.
  • Use of the UofM's Central Authentication Hub, utilizing staff x.500 for access.

REQUIRED USE: Use of this system will be required to report technology issues that need attention. We want to be consistent in our approach to all requests, make sure that the proper person is getting notified of the status of a request, and have the ability to keep quality statistics on the support we provide. These needs require that each person submits requests in this manner.

  • If a staff member calls with a non-emergency request, they will be asked to submit a ticket
  • If the issue being reported requires a call or email due to lack of access to internet or the system, the staff member will be asked to submit a ticket once the issue has been resolved and they can once again access the system.

EMERGENCIES: Of course there will be requests that need immediate attention. Please do call when you need immediate assistance. Even when this happens, we will ask a staff member to submit a request in the system so appropriate communication, issue tracking, and statistical analysis can take place.

Process Online Request

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Follow these instructions to process requests submitted through the Confucius Institute Resource Center. Orders submitted via the web land in the Confucius Institute Resource Center database and appear on the Requests tab.

  1. Match the borrower. Users submit orders using their email address. If their email address matches an email address in the borrower table, the user's name and address automatically fill. If the email address does not match an email address in the borrower table, they may still be a valid borrower but used a different email address on the online form. Use the Borrower ID drop-down list to match the request with a valid borrower. If the user is a new borrower, follow the guidelines for setting up new borrowers.
  2. Print Fulfillment List and gather materials. The Fulfillment List shows all the items and their shelf location. Use this list to gather the materials. Many items have multiple copies so take care to match the ID on the list with the ID on the item.

  3. Turn the request into a loan. Click the button to turn the request into a loan. The database creates a new loan and inserts the borrow information. Notice the loan references the online request number so you can always tell what loans originated as online requests.

  4. Add the materials to the loan. Add the materials to the loan as you normally do by scanning the item's bar code label. The database will alert you if you add an item that is not on the request.
  5. Print the receipt.

  6. Print a borrower label.

  7. Assemble and stage for shipping. Package the materials and receipt in a shipping envelope. Affix the borrower label.
  8. Ship item.
  9. Complete the shipping information. Record the courier and tracking number in the database. This will be used for tracking the package and will be sent in the confirmation email.

  10. Mark the request as shipped. Click the the button to mark the request as shipped will update the status and insert the current date in the shipped date field.

  11. Send email confirmation. Click the button to prepare a confirmation email.


UMCal - Can't login. "Authentication Failed" error.

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Sometimes, UMCal clients will lose their connection to the central UMCal server. If you experience UMCal not being able to find the server and let you authenticate, try the following steps to correct the situation:

1. In the main UMCal authentication window, click on the 'Other' button.

2. In the "Connection Manager" window, be sure 'UMCal' is highlighted and then click 'Edit'.

3. In the "Connection Editor" window, click on the 'Lookup' button.

4. In the "Connection Configuration" window, be sure "Configure At Login From User Name" is selected and click on the 'Configure' button.

5. In the "Connection Editor" window, click on the "OK" button.

6. In the "Connection Manager" window, click on the 'Done' button.

7. In the main authentication window, enter your password and click on the 'Sign-in' button.

New File Server Share - OS X

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LAC Staff,

OIP IT has configured a new file server. Usage of the new server for LAC will commence on Monday, December 7th. Configuration and cutover will happen on Sunday, December 6th. If you will need access on Sunday, Dec 7th, please let me know.

1. Click on this link:

2. Find in your Downloads folder in your Dock. Click on it.


3. Window will appear. Double-click on the blue icon entitled "LACServer.afploc

4. You will be presented with the familiar login window. Your x.500 should appear in the "Account Name" field. The example x.500 is 'testtemp'. Enter "temptest" as the password in the password field.

5. Another window will appear which will allow you to change your password.

6a. Another familiar window will appear, allowing you to choose 'LAC'.

LAC Communications will not have to use the attached link, just modify your password

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