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LAC Staff,

OIP IT has configured a new file server. Usage of the new server for LAC will commence on Monday, December 7th. Configuration and cutover will happen on Sunday, December 6th. If you will need access on Sunday, Dec 7th, please let me know.

1. Click on this link:

2. Find in your Downloads folder in your Dock. Click on it.


3. Window will appear. Double-click on the blue icon entitled "LACServer.afploc

4. You will be presented with the familiar login window. Your x.500 should appear in the "Account Name" field. The example x.500 is 'testtemp'. Enter "temptest" as the password in the password field.

5. Another window will appear which will allow you to change your password.

6a. Another familiar window will appear, allowing you to choose 'LAC'.

LAC Communications will not have to use the attached link, just modify your password



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