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VPN is generally no more secure than a direct wired connection (made at the VPN server's building). It does nothing to stop viruses nor does it make insecure protocols secure. If you can connect to UofM secure, it will be almost exactly as secure as VPN (similar limitations), and it will be slightly more robust and have lower latency (and maybe even higher bandwidth).

The VPN setup could be a good backup solution if once can normally connect to UofM Secure via an iPhone/iPod Touch, but temporarily are unable to do so due to system problems.

Server Power Outage Information - 1/13/2010

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At around 1:50 today, we had a power outage in the server room. This affected all main servers. The problem was noticed and all servers were returned to full service at 2:15. We are currently working with an electrician from Facilities Management to investigate the cause of the outage. We are providing power to the servers with a work-around power solution, which will function for an extended period of time, if needed.

We are expecting to get back to our primary power solution as soon as possible with as little server downtime as we can manage (downtime will most likely be measured in minutes). If this has to happen during office hours, we will notify everyone before switching from our work-around solution to our primary solution.

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