Accessing an OIP FileMaker hosted database for the first time

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Access must be granted for you to open a database hosted on the database server. Submit a ticket to request access.

Once access has been granted, follow these steps to open a database:

  1. Launch FileMaker
  2. Choose "Open Remote" from the 'File' menu
  3. Choose the 'OIP Database Server' option
  4. Enter your OIP credentials to see what databases you have access to
  5. Choose one of the databases listed
  6. Enter your OIP credentials to access the database.
  7. Click 'OK'
  8. Repeat the above steps to open other databases as desired.

Once you have logged in the first time, you will see databases you have accessed in the list found at File>Open Recent. This process has fewer steps and so will be the best way to access databases after the first login.



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