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5/26/2010 - UMN email server down

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Hello OIP,
We have received information that one of the multiple email servers at the UofM is not currently in service.

Because email users are randomly assigned to a server and it is not by unit/college/etc., we have no way of knowing who it will affect. If you are experiencing difficulty with your email, know that email engineers are working on restoring functionality.

The Map allows you to launch FileMaker databases from a single location. It eliminates having to hunt down files among the many listed in the "Open Remote..." dialog box. The new map (renamed "Home") is completely customizable. You control what files are listed, the order in which they appear, and what image is associated with it. Home can also store links to web pages like the IT Knowledge Base and Support Tickets.


Launch Home

Locate "Database_Map" in your Dock and click it. Log in using your server credentials. It's okay to use the default Account Name which is probably your full name. Just be consistent each time you launch Home as this is how it knows what files to display.


The first time you launch Home it will prompt you for your unit in order to load a starting set of files.


To open a database, click it's name in the list. Home stays open in the background so you can get back to it by closing other files or clicking the Home button in the database you're working in.


Add Files

Click the "Edit" button in the upper left to enter edit mode. To add a file, click the plus sign (+) in the upper right. A new record is created at the bottom of the list showing a drop-down list of all the possible files or web addresses.


Remove Files

In edit mode, click the red delete button to the left of an entry to remove it.


Change Name

In edit mode, click on the text to edit it.


Change Image

In edit mode, right-click on the image and select "Insert Picture..." from the drop-down menu. Select any image on your computer or the network. Small jpegs work best.


Re-Order List

In edit mode, click on an entry you'd like to move up the list. Select "Move Up" from the Scripts menu.

Open the LCTL database.

On the Courses Tab, switch to list view by clicking the List button in the formatting bar.

Find for "Yes" in either the "Revision?" or "Delete?" fields.

Here's how to mark books as "damaged" or "missing" and take them out of circulation without having to delete the entire asset's record in the system.

Select the appropriate value from the Condition value list.


Click the green button adjacent to the status field to toggle whether the asset is out of circulation. Taking a book out of circulation removes it from search results in the online catalog.


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