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September 27th is the date!

September 1-26: Unit orientations by Christopher, custom training given by UTTC staff
September 27th-October 1: Migration of email and contacts (using the Contacts Migrator Script?). UMCal calendar prep for migration
October 4-October 11: Migration of UMCal data to Google Calendar (using the UMCal Migration Script?)

Web access only
We will be using the web client as a default setup. While configuration of a local mail client is possible, I feel strongly about avoiding it. I will have discussions with individuals about specific business needs that require a local client.

1. Using just the web client simplifies the email experience - at the office, at home, or in a library or internet cafe somewhere in the world. Whether on a computer that is familiar or not, the ways of doing things will be the same no matter the location.
Here is a quote from a message board about using a local email client:

I just hope that my live "mail" client is not deleting more then one email in my online gmail account when I try to delete email in there. Because I do use the mail client, but then when I go into google online sometimes I'm lost because it all looks so different due to conversations and sometimes emails missing for some reason either from the mail client or from, I haven't been able to figure it out completely

2. Having a local program to access your emails requires more support. It adds to the complexity of the email process that isn't really needed in most instances because of the rich web experience provided by Google.

Preparing For The Migration
Please view this web page that gives clearly defined instructions on how to prepare your email for conversion to Gmail.

UMConnect Video Conference Setup

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UMConnect allows staff to have video conferences with others both within and outside the University of Minnesota network.

Here are instructions on configuring UMConnect for the best experience.

UMConnect Homepage
UMConnect Training
UMConnect Login and Setup Guides
UMConnect Support and FAQ
OIT Onsite Production - this is suggested for those who want to have professional audio and video available for a video conference/webinar live and for recorded playback of different types.

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