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GPS has numerous resources for use by staff. You are able to reserve items that you have access to via your own Google Calendar.

Reserving resources

Room Reservations:
All conference rooms are listed under "Rooms, etc.".

Other Resources:
Resources other than rooms are currently listed under "Guests". These items are laptops, projectors, etc.

A search for "GPS" will yield a list of resources you have access to reserve.

Why are resources listed under "Guests"? This is confusing.
I have had concerns about this configuration since we started planning to use Google. Unfortunately, this is how the system is currently setup. Calendars I create for GPS Alliance use fall under "Guests" rather than "Rooms, etc.", even if it is a room. For rooms, a request needs to be made centrally and that means we have less control. I will be monitoring use and management to decide if it is better for all resources to be requested to be moved to central management - the benefit being that all resources would be listed under "Rooms, etc.".

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