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Google in China

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Google is not currently fully supported in China. This is problematic for those that have already migrated or will migrate to UMN Google Apps and have need to travel to China for University of Minnesota study, research, or other business.

The solution for this issue is:

On devices owned by the University of Minnesota or student/staff/faculty/administration - to use the UofM's pre-configured Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Since use of the VPN is required to connect to University of Minnesota networked resources, this will hopefully be standard operating procedure for all travelers. (see "Virtual Private Network Use At The U of M")

On other devices (such as a computer in a computer lab) - experience will vary. It has been reported by GPS Staff that have traveled to China that connection to UMN GMail works without the VPN.

Information on what VPN is, its recommended use, installation, etc. can be found at the UMN VPN Homepage

GMail - Adding Attachments

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There are two ways to add attachments to an email message: The "Add Attachment Tool" and "DragNDrop".

Add Attachment Tool

Navigate via the "Add Attachment" tool.



Multiple attachments can be chosen by depressing the 'Shift' key and choosing items that are next to each other in a group or 'Command' key (Mac) or 'Control' key (Windows) and selecting multiple items that are not next to each other (shown below) you would like to attach.




A more direct option is to drag any desired attachments to the attachment area.


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