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The University of Minnesota Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the centrally managed Office of Information Technology (OIT) service that allows a computer to connect to the University network without using an Ethernet connection. A VPN connection appears as though you are inside the University network and allows access to its internal resources.

OIT recommends using VPN service in the following situations:

  • When connecting to the University network from a non-University of Minnesota Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • When using a wireless connection to connect to the University network
  • While transmitting sensitive data while connected to the Internet
  • While accessing restricted University resources

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate in your favorite browser the UofM OIT VPN software download page.

  2. Choose the "AnyConnect" option appropriate for your computer operating system.

  3. Click the download link under "Download Client".

  4. Double-click on the resulting file to install on your computer.

  5. Launch the VPN software.

  6. Configure your software using the configuration guides provided:

  7. Connect and use whenever you are accessing UofM network resources from a non-UofM-based network, whether a wireless or wired connection (this includes Comcast, Qwest DSL, coffee shop wireless, etc.)

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