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GPS Alliance iPad Use

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The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance Information Technology Support Services has 3 iPads available for general checkout for GPS Alliance staff.

What's an iPad?

To use the iPads:

  • Check out GPS Alliance iPad 1 (UIC), 2, or 3 via your Google Calendar. 2 and 3 are located in 94 Blegen on the West Bank.

  • If you have not received an in-person orientation, please schedule one with Christopher Stordalen prior to taking the iPad.

  • Make sure you know the pieces of equipment that go with the iPad for your use.

  • Be sure to return the iPad as scheduled.

Some things to ponder:

  • Take care when using and transporting. These units are small and can be misplaced or forgotten more easily than a larger piece of equipment.

  • Your UofM Google environment should be used for work on the iPads. Email, Calendar, and Documents are all available through the web browser Safari.

  • To utilize or create documents, use Google Documents via the Safari browser.

Because of the mobility of these items, GPS tracking has been activated. This feature will only be used in case of loss or theft.

IMPORTANT SECURITY ISSUE: Removing your login credentails

When you complete your work in the web browser - Safari - and log out of your account, you MUST quit Safari to clear your credentials.

  1. Navigate out of an application by pushing the control button at the bottom of the iPad to return to the home screen. Double click the control buttion. A bar with icons of the applications currently running will appear.

  2. Press your finger on the Safari icon and hold for 5 seconds. A "-" will appear over a red background on the icon.

  3. Press the "-" and the Safari icon will disappear. This action 'Quits' the Safari application.

  4. Click the Control button to remove the "-"s from the running applications.

  5. Click the Control button a second time to remove the running applications bar and return to your home screen.

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