Lyris - Configuring Mailings to Track Data

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QUESTION: How do I configure mailings to track data including, "clicks," "opens" and "page views" along with the various reporting options available under "All reports" -> "Web Site"? Do mailings have to be in HTML in order to track these data?

ANSWER: When you're setting up your mailing (not content), you need to flip to the tracking tab and enable open detection, HTML detection, and clickthrough tracking; these are not on by default. Lists can be set to have these on by default. The settings are spread across two pages: Utilities->List Settings->Web Created Content and ...->Email Created Content.

The mailings don't have to be in HTML to get click-through tracking. However, HTML is strongly recommended for:

  • better overall presentation, and

  • better link appearance.

The tracked URLs from Lyris can get very long and seeing one of those in plain text really breaks up your content if you haven't carefully formatted the plain text part of your message. If resources permit, consider both multipart message with both HTML and text, and format each part appropriately.

(Answer provided by Lyris support staff in response to a question sent to the Net-People list)


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