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Why Atomic Learning For Online Technology Training?

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Although we would all like personalized technology training to meet all of the needs that arise when working with software for our jobs, and preferably instantly upon request and for free, this isn't very realistic.

It seems that when presented with the choice of continuing each day to do work with software that one is not overly familiar with, being frustrated that it doesn't "work the way it should" or "work the way I want it to", or having to settle for online training on software, the latter choice would be the better one with regard to productivity.

GPS Alliance IT has chosen Atomic Learning instead of Lynda for two main reasons:

  • Atomic Learning is a Minnesota company
  • Cost - Information gleaned during research on online technology training from a page I have linked to below indicates that by moving to Atomic Learning, this customer would be able to offer training to 1950 more users compared with the cost of offering Lynda training for just a few licenses.

Article - A lower-cost alternative to

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