Google - New Privacy Policy (February 2012)

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Google issued a new privacy policy to Google users in February 2012. There have been concerns about this in the public arena.

Question:How does this affect my UMN Google Apps account?
Answer: It does not change the privacy agreement entered into by the University and Minnesota and Google.

From UMN Google Support:
"Hi Christopher,
There is a difference between University of Minnesota Google Apps accounts and personal Google/ accounts. They are totally separate from each other, and fall under separate and different contractual agreements, as well as different terms of service. Institutions that use Google Apps for their email, calendar and the other core applications, have individual contracts with Google that define how data is handled and stored.
The University of Minnesota has a separate contract with Google, and Google remains in compliance with the confidentiality and security obligations provided to our domains under this contract. The new privacy policy does not change this contractual agreement between Google and the University, University's core suite of applications, including Gmail (email), Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations), Google Calendar, Google Talk (instant messaging), and Google Sites, are not affected by this new privacy policy."


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