Google Docs - I want to work on a Google Doc on an iPad

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Google controls how their products appear on any device via web browser. The web pages have been programmed to recognize the type of device being used and to deliver a web page environment specifically tailored for that device, while the user changes nothing - navigating to the same URL whether on a desktop computer or mobile device.

One drawback of this is that features can be limited on mobile devices. One of those issues is a full tool set in Google Apps Documents. Most notably for this issue, the ability to upload/download documents via Google Apps Documents is missing.

To work on a document that has been stored in Google Docs, an easy work-around is to dowload the document to a desktop, attach it to an email and send it to one's self. Then access the email in your account via the desired iPad. The GPS Alliance iPads have an app called "DocsToGo". When clicking on your document(s) in your email attachments ara, it will appear to you in Safari (the native web browser on iPads). Also, in the upper-left, you will see the text "Download to DocsToGo". Click on that button and the document will open, but now on the iPad via DocsToGo. You can edit documents, save changes, and manage them in much the same way as if on a desktop or laptop.

CAUTION: When using of the GPS Alliance iPads, be sure you remove the document prior to returning the device, especially if the document(s) worked on contain private information.



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