The purpose of this page is to list all initiatives that have their own project blog/wiki/web presence. We will give the project title, a short description and a link.

University of Minnesota - System-wide

  • Constituent Relationship Management System: Bringing together people, processes, and technology to manage the relationships the University of Minnesota has with its many constituents and audiences in a unified manner.

Office of International Programs

  • WIV Tracking an online form to collect abroad experiences not caught up by Peoplesoft system. These are the experiences that are work, intern, or volunteer that have already happened or are not programs that require working with one of the Education Abroad Centers because no academic credit is awarded. Follow the progress.
  • LCTL This is a database of less commonly taught languages sponsored by CARLA. It's been a work horse for years but needs an upgrade. It's currently online powered by an old version of FileMaker on a condemned server using a discontinued markup language. Follow the progress.
  • First Step Sign In Some sort of online form to capture First Step signups. Details to come. Follow the progress.

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