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Telephone Conferencing

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Teleconferencing information for GPS Alliance staff.

All UMN phones are capable of allowing phone conferences of 3 callers (this includes the originating call). For calls with more attendees, the UMN conference calling service may be used - there are charges for this service/capability.



GPS Alliance Conference Phone
GPS Alliance currently has one conference phone unit that resides in the Dean's Office at the University International Center. It may be checked out by contacting Kaoru Nunn.
The conference phone provides the advantage of better volume and higher quality speakers and mics, plus extended microphones for larger groups present in the room with the conference phone unit.

IMPORTANT: The conference phone DOES NOT function in a digital line. It can only be connected to an analog line, which is indicated by a black, single-line STE-SDB phone ***Please schedule time with GPS Alliance Technology Support to help with setting up the GPS Alliance conference phone.


GPS Alliance Conference Room phone technology:
Heller Hall 110 - Analog STE-SDB phone (black single-line phone)
Heller Hall 214 - Analog STE-SDB phone (black single-line phone)
Heller Hall 630 - Digital ITE-12 phone (grey multi-line phone)
Humphrey 289 - Digital ITE-12 phone (grey multi-line phone)
UIC 101 - Analog connectivity
UIC 125 - Analog STE-SDB phone (black single-line phone)

Voicemail (Gopher Messaging)

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The following resources are provided by the Office of Information Technology regarding your University of Minnesota phone and voicemail configuration. Voicemail at the UofM is called "Gopher Messaging."

How do I forward my voicemail to e-mail?

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  1. Log into your account at If you have not logged into gopher messaging before, your temporary password is your 5-digit extension followed by an exclamation point (e.g.: 51234!).
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Mail Filters.
  4. Click Edit in upper right.
  5. In the box below Forward to E-mail Addresses, enter your University e-mail address (and any others you want to be notified at separated by commas). For example:,,
  6. Check the Forward All Mails Enabled box.
  7. If you want to keep a copy of the message in Gopher Messaging, check the Keep a Copy box.
  8. Click Update.

Check the Gopher Messaging Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How do I forward my phone?

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Follow these instructions to toggle call forwarding on the most common phone in OIP - the black model (STE-SDB).

Call Forward On

  • Press [SPKR] or lift handset
  • Press [Call Forward On]
  • Enter campus number
  • Hear confirmation 2 beeps
  • Calls now ring to the other number

Call Forward Off

  • Press [Call Forward Off]
  • Hear confirmation 2 beeps
  • Calls now ring to the original number

To find the user guide to your particular model of phone, visit the OIT website.

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