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Why Atomic Learning For Online Technology Training?

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Although we would all like personalized technology training to meet all of the needs that arise when working with software for our jobs, and preferably instantly upon request and for free, this isn't very realistic.

It seems that when presented with the choice of continuing each day to do work with software that one is not overly familiar with, being frustrated that it doesn't "work the way it should" or "work the way I want it to", or having to settle for online training on software, the latter choice would be the better one with regard to productivity.

GPS Alliance IT has chosen Atomic Learning instead of Lynda for two main reasons:

  • Atomic Learning is a Minnesota company
  • Cost - Information gleaned during research on online technology training from a page I have linked to below indicates that by moving to Atomic Learning, this customer would be able to offer training to 1950 more users compared with the cost of offering Lynda training for just a few licenses.

Article - A lower-cost alternative to

Why Google At The University of Minnesota

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Along with many other non-profit institutions around the globe, the University of Minnesota has moved to Google Apps as their official enterprise, common good solution for email, calendaring and collaboration.

You can find an explanation for this move, plus other questions and answers at the Office of Information Technology's article Questions and Answers.

UMN Wireless access change in February 2011


The Office of Information Technology will be making changes to the wireless network at the University of Minnesota.

Update your wireless configuration to avoid interruption.

This applies to UMTC, UMR, and some extension sites. Those who use the U of M Secure wireless network on the Twin Cities campus will need to make a slight configuration change to continue connecting to the network. In February, OIT engineers are installing a new security certificate, used to authenticate the network, "" This means users must change their computer configuration settings to "trust" the "AddTrust External CA Root" certificate authority. After February, users may remove trust configurations for the previously used "Thawte Premium Server CA" certificate authority. For help configuring your computer, see wireless setup guides. For help, call 1-HELP, or see OIT support.

Google in China

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Google is not currently fully supported in China. This is problematic for those that have already migrated or will migrate to UMN Google Apps and have need to travel to China for University of Minnesota study, research, or other business.

The solution for this issue is:

On devices owned by the University of Minnesota or student/staff/faculty/administration - to use the UofM's pre-configured Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Since use of the VPN is required to connect to University of Minnesota networked resources, this will hopefully be standard operating procedure for all travelers. (see "Virtual Private Network Use At The U of M")

On other devices (such as a computer in a computer lab) - experience will vary. It has been reported by GPS Staff that have traveled to China that connection to UMN GMail works without the VPN.

Information on what VPN is, its recommended use, installation, etc. can be found at the UMN VPN Homepage

UofM Survey Tool

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The Office of Information Technology has implemented a survey tool for use by all UofM faculty and staff. This tool is meant to be a replacement for external survey tools like Survey Monkey as it ensures that UofM data stays within the data repositories of the UofM, rather than on systems over which the UofM has not control.

A benefit is that it offers a standard UofM template built in.

To access UM Survey: UM Survey

Server Power Outage Information - 1/13/2010

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At around 1:50 today, we had a power outage in the server room. This affected all main servers. The problem was noticed and all servers were returned to full service at 2:15. We are currently working with an electrician from Facilities Management to investigate the cause of the outage. We are providing power to the servers with a work-around power solution, which will function for an extended period of time, if needed.

We are expecting to get back to our primary power solution as soon as possible with as little server downtime as we can manage (downtime will most likely be measured in minutes). If this has to happen during office hours, we will notify everyone before switching from our work-around solution to our primary solution.

Malware hits University via Facebook

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Recently, a number of computers at the University of Minnesota have become infected with a worm on the social networking site Facebook. Once this worm infects a computer, it attempts to gather personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Follow the link below for more details.

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