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Lyris - Use of Distribution Lists

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QUESTION: Does use of a distribution list as a Lyris member affect the collection of "clicks," "opens" and "page views" along with the "Web Site" tracking for unique individuals? Is Lyris expecting individual unique members in order to track these data elements?

ANSWER: Use of distribution lists as a Lyris "Member" will have a significant impact on any tracking of any unique data element. Since Lyris embeds a member ID in tracked links and the transparent image used to accomplish open tracking, sending one mailing to a distribution list of 100 people might result in something like 30 total opens and one, or a handful, of unique opens (the IP address a message is opened from can factor in). You'll see a similar effect on click-through data.

(Answer provided by Lyris staff in response to a question sent to the Net-People list.)

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