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Why Atomic Learning For Online Technology Training?

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Although we would all like personalized technology training to meet all of the needs that arise when working with software for our jobs, and preferably instantly upon request and for free, this isn't very realistic.

It seems that when presented with the choice of continuing each day to do work with software that one is not overly familiar with, being frustrated that it doesn't "work the way it should" or "work the way I want it to", or having to settle for online training on software, the latter choice would be the better one with regard to productivity.

GPS Alliance IT has chosen Atomic Learning instead of Lynda for two main reasons:

  • Atomic Learning is a Minnesota company
  • Cost - Information gleaned during research on online technology training from a page I have linked to below indicates that by moving to Atomic Learning, this customer would be able to offer training to 1950 more users compared with the cost of offering Lynda training for just a few licenses.

Article - A lower-cost alternative to

Google FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions for Google in OIP

Can I have use a local email client (Thunderbird, OS X Mail, Outlook, etc.) for access to GMail?
Technologically it is possible. However, OIT and GPS IT recommend against it. Here is OIT's policy:
1-HELP is unable to provide assistance with configuring Cell Phones or desktop email clients, as the only officially supported means for accessing Gmail is via the Gmail web client.

If you must access your University of Minnesota Gmail account via a Cell phone or Email client, you will have to configure the device yourself using the Gmail IMAP configuration information provided in these two URLs:

Make sure you use the correct Username and Google desktop/mobile password (NOT your Internet ID and Internet PW) as is described in the first URL.

Why is OIT not supporting email clients (Thunderbird, OS X Mail, Outlook, etc.)
There are numerous reasons for this.
-Understanding the full tool set GMail offers by using it exclusively means there will be no question what is possible whether you access your email at work, at home, in a coffee shop, and internet cafe, etc.
-Data security is always an issue with email. Using the web client strictly will ensure that all emails and attachments are located only in one place with regard to your account - in the UMN GMail server space. This means data is not on a local computer or device that can be stolen and/or compromised. REMEMBER - nothing is ever actually removed from a computer hard drive, even when 'deleted'.
-Requesting changes to GMail because it does not deliver a feature one is used to in a local client, or one that is much simpler, will make the web client richer for everyone who uses it.

This includes access via phones and other mobile devices.

How can I configure my iPhone/iPod Touch to use Google web view to my UMN GMail account?
-In Safari on your iPhone, type "" into the URL bar.
-Authenticate using your UMN x.500 credentials.
-Safari will display a Google account page designed specifically for mobile devices, but that will resemble closely what you see on your computer through your web browser.
-Click the "+" sign at the bottom of the iPhone/iPod Touch screen.
-Choose "Add a Bookmark" to add a bookmark to this page OR choose "Add to Home Screen" to add an icon to your set of applications.

Will the local mail I have currently in my mail client (OS X Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook,etc.) disappear once I migrate if I don't move them to IMAP?
No, they will stay exactly as they are. They will be able to be moved to GMail IMAP after the migration or continue to be stored in your email client as an archive.

How will I move my local mail to GMail IMAP after the migration?

Please see this article on managing the transition of folders to labels.

Will the sub-folders I use in my IMAP currently be transferred to GMail during the migration?
Yes, but not in exactly the same folder format. GMail does not currently support sub-labels (I hear Google is working on that...), so any sub-folders will come in with the parent folder name prepended and separated with a forward slash (/).

Please see this article on managing the transition of folders to labels.

Will departmental email accounts be migrated?
Yes. All departmental accounts will be scanned and, when issues attended to by the manager of the departmental account, be set to be eligible for the manager to opt-in for that account to GMail. This requires the same process as was used to migrate a personal account, but using the account name and password of the departmental account instead.

Currently, GMail does not support multiple email accounts via the same login, but departmental accounts will be able to be accessed via a different web browser. A departmental account user would open their personal UMN Gmail account in Firefox by logging into, and then launch a second browser - Google Chrome, for instance - and authenticate in the same manner as with their personal UMN Gmail account - by logging into, BUT using the credentials of the departmental account instead of their own.

It has been surmised that Google is developing the ability for multiple accounts in the same domain to be managed in the same web browser at the same time.

Can I still use the "Forward voicemail to email" voicemail preference?
Yes, your voicemails will still be forwarded, now to your GMail inbox. However, we don't have a current solution for playing those audio files directly in your browser. So when clicked on, the file will open in your default audio player application. (This has not yet been tested in all browsers so you experience may differ).

Are there limits of how many emails can be sent?
Yes. 500 messages at a time and 2000 per day. Your account will be locked for 24 hours if those limitations are exceeded.

Online Technology Training - Atomic Learning

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GPS Alliance provides access to Atomic Learning - an online training service that provides short interactive training modules for software products.

  1. Go to GPS Alliance Atomic Learning
  2. Login with your GPS Alliance username and password.
  3. Click the logo to enter GPS Alliance's Atomic Learning portal.
Why Atomic Learning for Online Technology Training?

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