Use of University of Minnesota Technology Resources

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What:  Whenever possible, work-related activities that utilize technology for data access and/or transfer will be done in the following manner:

  • Completed on UofM/GPS Alliance-controlled technology resources and networks.
  • If not possible, use UofM/GPS Alliance-identified means for safe and secure access to, and transfer of, data.  Scenarios include:
    • Working from home - use of the UofM Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is REQUIRED
    • Working on any non-UofM wireless or wired network - use of the UofM Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is REQUIRED
    • Working on a computer over which you have no control to install and/or use the UofM VPN software - general communication is allowed, but do not download or access files that have private data.  Also be aware of data that may include copyright, intellectual property, etc. These types of data should also be avoided.
Why:  The work we all do at the University of Minnesota is important.  That work may include access to and transfer of data that is protected for numerous reasons.  Unsecured data or data transfer practices are very serious issues that require many hours by many people and many dollars spent to address in a way that both secures the data being used and provides a means for employees to complete their work with the least amount of hinderance.

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