Departing staff checklist

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If you are a departing GPS Alliance staff member, or if you supervise a staff member who is departing, please use this checklist to help you complete the necessary administrative and technical steps before departing. Note that the procedures differ in a few regards depending upon whether the staff member is leaving the University or just leaving the GPS Alliance.

  1. Notify supervisor and submit resignation letter that includes your last day of work. (Please note that you must be present on the last day of your appointment - you may not use a vacation day as your last day.) 
  2. Discuss with your supervisor how and when you would like other staff to be informed of your departure. 
  3. Give a copy of your resignation letter to Pam Miles.
  4. Go to: for information on COBRA issues, unused vacation and sick leave, other benefits, parking cancellation, e-mail forwarding, and exit interview.
  5. Update address in Onestop so that W-2 can be mailed along with any other information.
  6. Schedule an exit interview with your supervisor.
  7. Computer: Discuss the disposition of all your computer files with your supervisor. Forward relevant files to supervisor and other staff per supervisor's instructions. Remove personal files from the computer.
  8. Unsubscribe to GPS Alliance list serves, or ask the list serve administrator to remove your name.
  9. Change your voicemail message to reflect departure or ask your supervisor what message to include to send callers to someone else for assistance. Leave your voicemail password by your phone and with your supervisor.
  10. Discuss with supervisor how to handle your mail: 
Who should handle your office-related mail? 
Would you like personal mail to be sent to your home address?
  11. Turn in any remaining absence cards and time distribution sheets to Pam Miles.
  12. Clean out your desk, office, and remove any personal items from common areas
  13. Ask your supervisor what to do with files or other work-related materials in your work area.
  14. Turn in keys to your supervisor, including your MKey, and your purchasing card if you have one.

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