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Managing Use Of Private Data on Technology Resources

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The University provides important information on understanding, using, and storing private data. Here are some important links all GPS Alliance staff should be aware of, as we are all governed by these policies:

Laptop Users - 

Encryption of your laptop is very important.  This is something the GPS Alliance IT Support Services staff handles in the configuration of your laptop.  However, there have been reports of confiscated laptops upon entering some countries due to encryption.  This makes the situation more complex.

The following are requirements for GPS Alliance which apply to use of your work-assigned laptop or laptop that you use to complete any work activities domestically:

  • Hard Drive Encryption should be applied as you travel between work and home and as you travel domestically.
  • Your communications should be encrypted:  this happens automatically when using 1) UofM Secure wireless (when on or near a UofM Campus) and 2) the UMN VPN software every time you connect wirelessly from a location other than one where you can access "UofM Secure".  This includes your home wireless network provider, if you have one. (This also applies to desktop workstations, servers, etc. if using wireless to connect to the internet for work-related activities).
  • For international travel:  whenever possible, reserve a GPS Alliance laptop or iPad and place on them needed presentations or documents that do not contain private data.  
  • ***If it is required for you to travel with private data, please contact Christopher Stordalen to discuss solutions

Best Practice:
Don't store any private data on your local drive.  Utilize the GPS Alliance Server, Google Apps, or NetFiles as needed and as appropriate for that storage.

Travel Policies

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Traveling on University Business - A comprehensive policy statement on University of Minnesota expectations with regard to staff and faculty travel, including:  reimbursement requests, unallowable expenses, transportation, lodging, meals, etc.

Record Retention

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UofM Records Retention Schedule can be found HERE

Managing University Records and Information policy can be found HERE

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