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Site Usage - Month of October

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This marks the end of the second month live. The big releases that occurred in October were the release of the Fall 2010 Enrollment and Freshman Characteristics data, the Enrollment maps Google mash-up, and the Degrees and Certificates Awarded 2010 data. For who are wondering, the usage data is collected and analyzed via Google Analytics.

We had 1,994 visits from 1,094 unique visitors during the month. Of these visitors, 9,926 pages were viewed, an average of 4.98 per visit. The average visitor spent 4 minutes and 22 seconds on the site. The most visitors in one day (127) occurred on Monday, Oct 18th, however, the most page views (1,064) occurred on Thursday, Oct 14th. We received visitors from 40 of the 50 states in the United States.


Visitors by Browser: 49.6%, Firefox / 36.3%, Internet Explorer / 7.2%, Safari, 6.5% Chrome

Number of Visits by State: 1,567, Minnesota / 43, California / 33, Illinois / 29 Wisconsin

26 users visited the site via a mobile device (iPad, Cell Phone, etc).

50% of users who visited the home page ended up looking some sort of Student data, 28% at the Official Enrollment Statistics. The Fall 2010 Enrollment statistics were viewed 969 times, and 85% of those visits resulted in the viewing of at least one report.

Most Viewed Enrollment Reports: 18.8%, Academic Level / 11.6% Registration Status

Most Viewed Freshman Characteristics Report: 14%, ACT Composite / 11% High School Rank

The Fall Enrollment Map was viewed 118 times.

Traffic Sources
Last month, 85% of people browsed directly to As anticipated, this number was reduced, and the number of referrals and searches increased. This month the traffic split was 66% direct / 18% site referral / 16% search engines.

Top Search Terms (Search Engine(Total Vists): # of visits, search term)
UMN Search (174): 39, institutional research, 32 oir
Google (119): 11, nsse university minnesota, 10 university of minnesota tuition history

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