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Student Data Enhancements

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System-wide Totals
The enrollment reports now show a University of Minnesota System-wide total when viewing the Headcount Data (the reports on the left-hand column which show one term of data). This had been requested for those who work on a system level. Previously, one would have been required to add up each of the Campus totals to get the system total.


"All on one page" report
One change a few people had requested was the ability to see all of the dimensions we made available in the Headcount reports available on one page, so it could be printed. We have added the ability to do just this. If you would like to utilize this, find the link on the bottom of the left-hand column which says "All of the above on one page".


Data to Fall 2000/Fall 2001
The Official Student Enrollment data and the New Freshman Characteristics data had been limited to Fall 2005 due to limits of our trend data. We have now opened up the one-term reports for all the available terms (Fall 2000 for Enrollment, Fall 2001 for Freshman Characteristics).


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