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Dimensional Enrollment Data

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We have recently release a tool that allows one to create a custom pivot table for our enrollment data. This allows each of the nine dimensions, Term, Campus, College, Level, Class, Ethnic Group, Gender, FT/PT Status and Registration Status to be shown in many different ways, at the same time, on a table. This can answer common multi-dimensional questions our Official Enrollment reports cannot, for example, viewing the enrollment Gender by Ethnicity.

How this works
Under our student data page, you will see the link to the Fall Student Enrollment Pivot Reports. That link will bring you to the index page. We have provided two commonly asked reports, Gender over Ethnicity by Term, Campus, College and Ethnicity over Registration Status by Term, Campus, College, Level. On the right, you see a link to Build your own table..., this will bring you to the tool. Once there, you are able to drag and drop the dimensions to appear as a filter, column header or appear per row.

The first release of this tool used an older JavaScript library, so the drag and drop functionality was inconsistent and quirky. The old library has been replaced by the latest industry standard and should behave consistently across browsers and platforms. Mobile users will have to use the pre-build reports as the drag and drop functionality does not work on a non-traditional browser.

How do I see "All Campuses" or "All College" for a campus?
In this case, you would simply exclude the Dimension for which you want to see "All". For example, to see All Campuses enrollment by Gender and Ethnicity, pick "Term" for a filter, "Gender" for the column and "Ethnic Group" for the rows.

How does the drag and drop interface work?
A demonstration video is provided on the report page. The demo is based on the non-upgraded drag and drop framework for the HR Headcount reports, but the remains mostly relevant.

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