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Site Update 5/11/2011

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This morning we have released two new reports and enhanced the functionality of two reports.

New Reports
Fall Student Enrollment Pivot Reports: This tool brings the drag and drop functionality and ability to cross variables to the enrollment data. We have released the past three Fall terms, but for the next term, we will release the previous five Fall enrollment numbers on the tool, Fall 2007-Fall 2011. This release is coupled with an improvement to the drag and drop interface.

Students Studying Abroad: This report using the DW Education Abroad system to show the number of University students participating in study programs in each country for a given Academic Year and Campus.

Enhanced Reports
Fall Enrollment Map: The Enrollment data is now split into county, state and country level intensity maps, as well as normalized by the population of the counties.

HR Employee Count: The improvements made to the drag and drop interface for the Fall Enrollment also applies to the HR Employee count reports.

A detailed explanation of each of the reports will be released in the coming weeks.

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