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New 2011 Graduation Retention Report

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We have now released the inaugural web based version of the Official University of Minnesota Graduation/Retention Report for first-time full-time new entering freshmen, using newly designed data warehouse tables. The report layout is essentially the same as in prior years, but a few minor content changes have been implemented that make some of the numbers slightly different than in the past. These differences are listed below.

A small number of students appear in more than one terms Official Enrollment Report table as a new freshman (NHS) or a new transfer (NAS). In previous reports, these students were included in multiple entry cohorts. Now, they are only represented once, based on the earliest entry term. This change will slightly reduce the size of some of the entering cohorts.

Graduates who are awarded multiple bachelors degrees from different campuses or colleges in the same term are now assigned a graduation status (e.g. Degree Entry Unit, Degree Other Unit, Degree Other Campus) with priority given to their entry campus or college. In the past the status was based on the first degree posted for that term. This change tends to slightly increase the number of Degree Entry Unit counts and decrease the number of Degree Other Unit counts.

Deceased students are now only included in the report if they were awarded a degree. If a degree was not awarded, they are excluded from the base cohorts. In the past, all new entering students were included regardless of deceased status. This is now in synch with Federal regulations.

These three basic changes result in some of the base cohort numbers and status numbers being different than in previous years reports. However these differences are relatively small and generally involve only a few students (less than 10 per cohort)

Please contact the Office of Institutional research if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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