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iPhones and UM Cal

People have been asking about iPhone compatibility with UM Cal. At this juncture there is no supported method for syncing Oracle Calendar--the enterprise calnedaring solution that drives UM Cal--with an iPhone.

Later this month Apple is going to release their iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) to third party software developers. Shortly after that there are plans from two software companies--who both currently make SyncML clients that allow Palm and Windows Mobile based phones and PDAs to sync with UM Cal--to make an iPhone SyncML client. Once there is a shipping, Apple-sanctioned SyncML client for the iPhone, the UM Cal team will work with Oracle to come up with an officially supported syncing solution for the iPhone.

Until then, the UM Cal Web Client works fairly well in Mobile Safari, especially in the day/list view. It may not provide alarms, but it will at least allow iPhone users to see their calendars while on the go.