February 24, 2009

Safari 4 Beta

Apple has released a beta of Safari 4 for testing purposes. If you install the beta be aware that many apps rely on the underlying webkit engine that powers Safari and they may break. Of note: growl with the GrowlMail add-on no longer works after installing Safari 4 beta.

Also I can't find it documented anywhere, but access keys now require you to press control-option(alt) in the Mac version of Safari 4. For an example go to UM Wiki and press control-option-p to see a PDF of the front page. In previous versions of Safari for Mac you would just press control-p.

July 2, 2008

Adium update causes instability with jabber servers including UM Chat

Update:Version 1.2.7 was released over the weekend and fixes the underlying cause of this issue.

There is an issue with the 1.2.6 version of the Adium messaging client for OS X and jabber servers such as the one powering UM Chat. The best current solution is to disable your UM Chat account in Adium and recreate it. Others have reported that going back to version 1.2.5 works. I am looking for a public mirror that still has Adium 1.2.5 available for download. Download Adium 1.2.5(via