December 14, 2006

Bypass a greeting or options in Gopher Messaging

If you need to quickly leave a message for somebody in Gopher Messaging, you can press the # button on your dialpad to bypass the greeting and additional options at the end of the greeting.

GopherMail compose option

If you use GopherMail, you have the option of composing your messages in a separate window. This allows you to continue to read new messages and refer to multiple e-mails when you are writing. To use this feature, check "Compose new messages in a separate window" in the compose section of GopherMail settings.

November 28, 2006

Secure Chat

For secure Instant Messaging and Chat, try out the University's own UMChat. You can set up your account and start using it today.

You call the shots

The University's voicemail system, Gopher Messaging, has many customizable options and settings. You can learn all about Gopher Messaging or log in to your voicemail online to change your current settings.

Lean, mean, e-mail

For optimum performance, it's a good idea to keep your e-mail inbox as small as possible. If you don't want to delete messages, you can save them in different folders. Most e-mail clients will even let you create filters so that e-mails are automatically placed in specified folders when they arrive.

To see the current size of your inbox, go to your Internet Account Options page.

October 19, 2006

Link to your Web page from the University directory

When others look you up using People Search, they will be able to link to your own Web page if you set your World Wide Web URL. Your page can reside anywhere on the Web, including your personal Web space, UThink blog, myU portal, or wiki!

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Keep a clean e-mail inbox

Periodically clean up your e-mail inbox. This helps keep e-mail running smoothly for everyone! Read our guide to E-mail Best Practices.